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Punch Double Corona

Jul 15, 2019 6:46:35 PM

The Punch Double Corona


The Punch Double Corona was ranked 8 out of the top 25 cigars in 2011. Receiving a 93 by Cigar Aficionado is quite the feat for a Double Corona.


This cigar might be the best double corona on the market which isn't a huge surprise to anyone who knows the Punch brand.


At first smoke, you get the wonderful taste of coffee and hints of fruit. The full-bodied flavor palette develops more and more as you smoke this amazing prominente.


As we all know prominete’s aren't supposed to be interrupted and you should set aside a pretty good amount of time to enjoy it. We’d say take about two and a half hours to really enjoy this delicious smoke you won't be disappointed.


Its best suited to smoke this one after a nice dinner party.


Punch Double Corona: The History


Double Coronas haven't always had the best luck when it comes down to consistency. Many were unfulfilling and didn't have the taste they have now. Punch seems to have mastered the Double Corona now and have no plans on stopping.


Punch is another major Habanos S.A. staple with an arsenal of flavor-rich cigars.


The Punch brand is run out of the factory “La Corona,” the factory just so happens to be close to Havana’s largest baseball field.


Punch hasnt only mastered the Double Corona, It seems they've also mastered the art of factory quality control.


We say this because every morning a number of factory employees enter a small room, sit at their desks and begin to smoke the delicious cigars. This ensures that the cigars produced the day before are of the highest quality Punch standards.


You know people who take the time to fill out forms about the taste of their cigars are serious about how they should taste.


It's amazing to see cigar companies invest so much into what they love. Better yet, invest so much time into the products we love so much.


Punch Double Corona: Reviews


The Punch Double Corona is clearly amazing with its aforementioned 93 from Cigar Aficionado. It's no shock to us that people have been raving about this magnificent smoke.


One user from says:


“Best Cuban Prominente after several years of aging. Not very approachable young, but it hard to find a better cigar after several years in the humidor. Dark cherries, sweet cream, a bit of cedar, and aged wood make this cigar bursting with many different but complementary flavors. This cigar smokes on the cold side, and the smoke can be retro haled without burning”


While another stated:


“The first cigar from a box that aged in my humidor for two years. The first box was very nice in 2015, but last night's cigar took me to the edge of heaven. Construction, cold draw we're all fine and the burn was perfect.”





Punch Double Corona: Overall


Overall the Punch Double Corona is a delightful cigar. It comes highly ranked and people love it in reviews.


These cigars are meant to be enjoyed with no interruptions but then again we recommend that with all cigars.


The Punch Double Corona is in no shortage of flavor. It tastes of coffee and fruit. We’ve also heard cases of wonderful vanilla after taste.


These cigars age well, they hold up beautifully over time and get better as well. Throw them in your humidor for some time, the only thing you’ll be upset about is that you don't have one that's been aged already. They're the new standard of the Double Corona.


The Punch Double Corona isn't exactly a cheap smoke and with its full body flavor we think its safe to say they aren't for the rookie smoker. Aficionados will love them.


But then again we never want to discourage anyone from trying the beautiful products that hail from one of Cubas most prominent factories.


Punch Double Corona: Statistics


Format: Prominente

Strength: Full Bodied

Size: 7 ⅝”

Ring: 49

Price (1): $25.98

Price (Box of 25): $459.00

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