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Partagás Corona Junior (Tubo)

Jul 15, 2019 7:36:00 AM

Partagas Corona Junior (Tubo) was given a 94 by Cigar Aficionado in 2018 so let's just say this is one wonderfully ranked cigar. The thing is what Partagas smoke isn't?


This Petite Corona packs quite the punch with plenty of dense smoke to enjoy all the way to the last third and will not disappoint even the most advanced smokers.


The taste consists of strong leathers and fruit that is beautifully enhanced with afterthoughts of spices and the signature Partagas pepper.


Perfect for a nice evening smoke with your favorite glass bourbon after a long day in the office.

Partagás Corona Junior (Tubo): History of Partagás

Partagas is one of the oldest cigar manufacturers in the world, opening its doors in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas. Too much amazement, they are still running out of the same factory in Cuba.


This being one of the oldest and prestigious factories in all of Cuba means that some of the better tobacco is reserved for Partagas and their wonderful smokes.


Partagas has seen some downside to being such an established well-known brand, that being the demand for their cigars outweighs the supply they can produce.


This must not sit well with the serious cigar smokers that they attract considering they have harsh peppery flavors only true enthusiasts can handle.


Partagás Corona Junior (Tubo): Reviews

From what we’ve seen this cigar is a top-notch cigar that you won't find elsewhere at such a price point. says,


“I love this cigar due mainly to its peppery smoke. I agree, it is not the best looking cigar you will have ever seen, but its the smoke that counts! Medium in body for a Partagas, the Coronas Junior is ideal for an early evening smoke, especially with its tube packaging. Great price on such a good cigar.”


The 94 rating from cigar aficionado really tells us we have something special here.

Partagás Corona Junior (Tubo): Overall

Overall, the Partagas Corona Junior (Tubo) is a great buy and won't disappoint the most advanced smokers.


We caution anyone to new into the cigar world to stop at this boy as your first destination when getting into cigars, but, you gotta start somewhere to become an aficionado.


I forgot to mention the beautiful tubo this thing comes in. Completely yellow with the signature Partagas stamp running down its side. You really can't miss it.


With that said keep it in your humidor or the tube itself for easy access when you're on the golf course.


Partagás Corona Junior (Tubo): Statistics

Format: Petit Corona

Strength: Medium to Full Body

Size: 4 5/8”

Ring: 40

Price (1): $7.00

Price (Box of 25): $134.00

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Eric Pisko
Written by Eric Pisko

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