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Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo)

Jul 2, 2019 4:38:10 PM


The Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo) is one of Cohiba's regular production cigars that does not disappoint. This might speak to as why it has been on the top 25 cigars list in both 2016 and 2018.

This Cigar is smooth not only in flavor, which we’ll dive into later in this review but in the packaging and delivery of the Cigar as well. It comes in a slick yellow and black Tubo that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It's absolutely beautiful, making you want to buy it from the Tubo alone.

Aside from the Tubo, the Cigar itself is also beautiful. It has a smooth look to it, almost chocolatey in color. Cohiba’s Siglo VI (Tubo) is what we view as the epitome of a classic Cuban Cigar.

With Cohiba’s flagship status of the Habanos S.A. umbrella, it comes as no surprise they have amazingly made regular production Cigars like the Siglo VI (Tubo).

Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo): History of Cohiba

Cohiba which came into existence in 1966, has quickly become the best and most well-known Cigar maker in the world. Cohiba was the chosen smoke of the Cuban President Fidel Castro and was actually put into production at his request.

It’s said that Casto’s bodyguard had been smoking a Hand-Rolled Cigar while driving Castro, after Casto had asked for one he took a liking to it, so much, in fact, he needed more. He began smoking these Cigars regularly, even giving them as diplomatic gifts.

Cohiba really took off after this. Starting in a house then moving to a factory where the real production of the worlds favorite brand began.

Today, Cohiba is known by everyone who wants to get their hands on a Cuban Cigar. This might be one of the reasons the price of these beauties is slightly higher than that of other Habanos S.A. companies. Oh, along with the fact that the best tobacco in Cuba is saved for Cohiba and the production of their completely Cuban Cigars.

Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo): The Tubo

The Tubo is nothing new in the Cigar game, just a different alternative to placing your freshly bought Cigar into a Humidor. The Tubo, either made of glass or metal, both suffice as a protective barrier to keep your Cigar fresh until you decide to enjoy the hand-rolled masterpiece inside.

It’s pretty apparent that you, in fact, can keep the Cigar in the tube without placing it into a humidor. Companies like Cohiba who use this method along with traditional non-wrapped Cigars aren't just doing this for the aesthetically pleasing look. There's actual functionality.

We have read that the Cigar must be fresh when placed into the tube and the seal cannot be broken for the method to work, but why open it unless you're going to smoke it.

Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo): Reviews

The Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo) was given a rating of 92 in 2018 ranking it at number 19 on the top 25 cigars list by Cigar Aficionado.

Personally, we believe that's enough of a review in its own right. states,

“The Siglo VI is in the throes of becoming a legend and is without doubt one of the best cigars rolled in Cuba. I was able to taste one of these in Cuba straight from the Torcedors rolling tableta, I remember thinking this is young but what awe inspiring potential it has! I looked at the young girl who had rolled this phenomenal masterpiece, she could only have been 18 or 19 years old, she blew on her fingers and started rolling another Siglo VI. Amazing!”

Saying a Cigar is legendary when it's so young and of regular production is such high praise but we’d be hard fought to disagree.

Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo): Overall Thoughts

It should come to no surprise that the Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo) comes so highly recommended with a flavor profile of pepper, spice, coffee, earth and some vanilla to pack it in.

There is absolutely no reason why any cigar enthusiast shouldn’t add this to their collection. The price tag isn't necessarily cheap but that's what quality represents. Who doesn't want quality when enjoying a nice smoke and a stiff drink.

Cohiba Siglo VI comes ready to smoke directly out of the Tubo in perfect condition with an absolutely brilliant aroma. Smoke one right away and age the others. You will find yourself wondering why you haven't been smoking them for years.

Cohiba Siglo VI (Tubo): Statistics

Format: Canonazo

Strength: Medium to Full Body

Size: 5 ⅞”

Ring: 52

Price (1): $24.00

Price (Box of 3): $70.00




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