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Cigar Etiquette And The Man Who Created It

Jul 10, 2019 4:05:58 PM

Cigars are a gentleman's game, there is a sense of elegance that surrounds them and the ones who choose to indulge in the beauty of them. Because of this elegance, a certain etiquette follows.


Throughout this piece, we will dive into the art that is cigar smoking and the etiquette behind it.


Cigar Etiquettes Front Man


When it comes to cigar etiquette Zino Davidoff quite literally wrote the book on it. Known as the “King of Cigars,” he was once quoted saying that smoking a good cigar was a “moment of pure dreaming. The man was truly in love with smoking cigars, he wanted the connoisseurs out there to know the proper way to enjoy their favorite smoke.


Born in 1906, Davidoff was the son of a tobacco merchant. Zino was destined to be the tobacco enthusiast he became. In 1930, his ambitions lead him to Latin America to learn more about the tobacco he loved so much. Davidoff met the pros, the ones who knew everything about the best tobacco in the world.


He returned with vast amounts of knowledge and was ready to take over his fathers' tobacco shop in Switzerland. This shop is where Davidoff installed the first humidor in Europe.


From there Zino grew an empire with his own cigar brand which is one of the most renowned to this day.


Choosing Your Cigar


So you can’t practice proper cigar etiquette without first choosing the cigar you want to practice this etiquette with. There are a number of things you'll want to take to mind when choosing your perfect cigar.


First, we recommend picking up the cigar you’re eyeing, lightly squeeze it and make sure that the tobacco in the cigar is evenly spread throughout. You'll also want to check to make sure the cigar is one color. The cigar shouldn't have spots or discolorment.


While you're holding the cigar, smell it, make sure you like the way it smells. Smelling the cigar is the closest thing to tasting when you're in a cigar shop.


Make sure the cigar isn’t all dried up when your holding it. That's not a cigar that you wanna buy.


Some additional factors that will come into play are the body, shape, and size of the cigar. The best advice we really can give on the topic of choosing the cigar for you to the shop keeper. Ask them plenty of questions, they will be thrilled to help.



The Do’s and Don’ts of Cigar Etiquette


The Do’s


  1. Warm the foot of the cigar with your hands before lighting the cigar
  2. Light the cigar with matches and don't place the cigar directly into the flame. You want to rotate the cigar so it is evenly lit throughout. Gently puff the cigar while doing this.
  3. Take the band off after lighting the cigar, don't wait.
  4. Always hold your cigar between your index and thumb. Never hold it with your index and middle fingers.
  5. Once a cigar is smoked halfway, you won't need to put it out the cigar will die on its own.
  6. Dispose of the cigar discreetly.


The Don’ts


  1. Don't use a penknife or a lance to pierce the end of the cigar. There's no need to try to look like you know what you're doing when you.
  2. Don't ask someone to light your cigar for you.
  3. Don’t light the cigar too fast or slow.
  4. Don't relight if less than a quarter is a leaf.
  5. Don't relight the cigar while it's in your mouth.
  6. Don't ever hold the cigar with your teeth.
  7. Don't chew on the cigar.
  8. Don't dunk your cigar in anything. It's supposed to be enjoyed naturally and how its made.
  9. Don't crush the cigar in the ashtray.
  10. Don't chain-smoke cigars. Wait at least 15 minutes before indulging again.

In Closing


To become a true aficionado of cigars you should follow the rules of Zino Davidoff to perfection. This is the reason he wrote the book on cigar etiquette.


Another thing cigar aficionados should take into effect is the art of being a gentleman while enjoying your favorite smoke. Gentlemanliness is something all aficionados hold to the highest degree.


Cigar smoking is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It's not something to be taken lightly and should always be enjoyed responsibly.








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